DAY OF WRATH Full Movie | Christopher Lambert | Action Movies | The Midnight Screening

Set in the 16th century, a sheriff working on a series of murders has to choose between his conscience and protecting his family when he's tied to the crimes. Starring - Christopher Lambert, Brian Blessed and James Faulkner Directed by - Adrian Rudomin This version of the movie has been edited ever so slightly to make it appropriate for YouTube's community guidelines but it shouldn't effect the enjoyment of the film Never miss a single new movie or film - subscribe here - Take your seats Ladies and Gents for The Midnight Screening, the best free movies YouTube channel for fans of Sci-Fi movies, Romance movies, action movies, thriller movies, adventure movies and every movie genre inbetween. All full english movies and 100% free to watch! Enjoy (and feel free to crunch your popcorn as loud as you like)

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